Canadian Coast Guard Deployment

In my university days, I spent 4 summers in the Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue Program.  The experiences I gained in that job, which included in 35 days of search and rescue (SAR) training and many SAR taskings, were formative in my career directions.  17 years after I finished my undergraduate degree, I had an opportunity to spend a week on rescue standby with the crew at the Port Bickerton Nova Scotia Canadian Coast Guard Lifeboat station.  It has been fairly foggy here on Nova Scotia’s Eastern shore so far this week, but we got a sunny break yesterday, and I finally had the opportunity to get out on one of the ARUN class cutters.  The ARUN’s are 52′ SAR boats with just over 1000HP of diesel power.

In addition to experiencing the active SAR world, I’m getting to spend some time around the wharf where the fishermen are bringing in their lobster catches.  This opportunity is continuing to connect me to the work that we do at CORD. For over 3 decades, CORD has been closely involved with the safety of people at sea, and being able to get close to the working world at sea is very motivating to continue pushing forward with the many aspects of marine and recreational boating safety in which CORD is involved.

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