Climate Chamber

The CORD Group Limieted has a climate controlled room capable of maintaining ambient temperatures within the range of 8-40ÂșC with 25-100% relative humidity. The chamber can be used for both manikin and human testing. The chamber houses a commercial treadmill for exercise testing in controlled environmental conditions.

If the climate controlled room is not sufficient for the project as requested by the client, refrigerated chambers are available in the vacinity that are capable of much colder temperatures, and a small environmental chamber is available that is capabel of rapid changes in temperature from extremes of heat ot extremes of cold.

We are currently planning an expansion of the climate chamber facility. This planned expansion will provide an increased range of temperature control, rain in the chamber, capacity for wind, accomodations for up to three bicycle or treadmill ergometers. If you have interest in using this type of facility, please contact us, we would appreciate your input, and would consider any special requests for capabilities.