Since its formation in 1983, The CORD Group Limited mission has been to enhance human performance in extreme environments through research and evaluation of protection technology.  

CORD conducts and coordinates research and testing, and provides evaluations of protection apparel and equipment technology through field and laboratory testing, using both humans and manikins.

In 1985, CORD designed and developed a Thermal Instrumented Manikin Test System (TIM) for evaluating comfort levels of protection apparel, including thermal insulation and vapour transmission. Utilizing TIMTwe provide thermal testing and evaluation in aid of product research and development, as well as, standards approval for various apparel manufacturers.

CORD also conducts human performance testing on protective clothing ensembles.  The company has been contracted to test and evaluate a wide variety of garments from high-tech military products, to marine and aviation immersion suits, to leisure products such as snowmobile and windsurfing suits, and sleeping bags.

Additionally, CORD has extensive experience conducting human factors research and consulting for a wide variety of clients, including Canadian and international government agencies like Director Soldier Systems Program Management (DSSPM), Transport Canada,  and United States Coast Guard.