TIM stands for Thermal Instrumented Manikin, is the tool and product that has established The CORD Group Limited as a world leader in Thermal Manikin R & D, and also in garment testing that uses the thermal manikin. 

TIM is: 

1. Multi-sectional (13 controllable sections)
2.The only manikin in the world that has been validated against humans, under both laboratory and Open Ocean conditions 

The CORD Group Limited routinely uses TIM for testing a variety of garment types such as: survival suits for marine use, marine work suits, thermal lifejackets, outdoor apparel, rain gear, military equipment, and portable cooling systems. 

TIM is also capable of testing beds, sleeping bags, providing information about gloves and boots, headgear, layering systems, etc. How can TIM help your company or organization test your equipment, or make purchasing decisions about the most appropriate equipment?

TIM also has an intuitive software package that provides flexibility in the controls of the manikin. As well, the software allows real-time monitoring of power-consumption and insulation values for all sections. This is an invaluable tool for monitoring the progress of your tests and maximizing the value of your testing.