Wave Tank

The CORD Group has a wave pool for testing survival equipment in calm or turbulent water.

In 2010, CORD upgraded their pool facility with a new computer controlled wave paddle to create standing and travelling waves with an amplitude of up to 50 centimeters. The pool is now enclosed in an insulated chamber, which permits the air temperature around the pool to be maintained. We are able to conducte wave testing in air temperatures as cold as -5˚C. A water chilling/heating system has also been installed that permits us to maintain the temperature of the 110,000L pool between 0-30˚C.

Additionally, the wind tunnel has been integrated into the wave tank so that laminar air movement up to 7 m/s can be created along the surface of the water for simultaneous wind and wave conditions.

These improvements to the facility have been necessary to expand our capabilities for human-based lifejacket performance research, and for the measurement of immmersion suit performance on people in realistic conditions. The pool is used for both calm and turbulent water tests with the manikin or human subjects.

CORD also uses their pool to complete static buoyancy testing of survival equipment.